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'Who's Your Favorite Raid Boss?' Forum Giveaway

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the one that's not farmeable by just 1 super stacked char oh wait.. I would nominate the original Beleth from High Five (before folks used zR to farm it) as I loved the old Citadel towers to expl

Istina is the besta!

servidor Chronos

My favorite is Octavis, due to the particular surroundings with ancient rome/greek mythology feel, and, uncommon battle concept and gameplay approach.

"Octavis, traitor. Seduced by the temptation of the false light. Glorious darkness will banish the lying light and welcome the corruption you have embraced".

Beltway - Naia.

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Gordon     takes no BS from the swords ... you guys should implement a new version of him and  those not attacking chests out of oren  should take  massive damage helping defend chest / sword weilders   and perma xp loss 

and once swords fall to the abyss  Gordon  turns on ALL   for a bloody masacre

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