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Oly bug


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Are you trying to get into the oly from goddard ? Where are you tryinh to get in from?

Like, are you in Giran, Aden, then suddenly randomly telleported to goddard OR, you go to goddard, for some (maybe random!?) reason and trying to get into the oly from there?

Cuz I wanna say, Goddard is a ghost town, locked up, I don't even know why they did let us tp there. There is soooo many empty places on the map.

If you go to primeval garden and then try to go to Oly, maybe you appear in Chronos or Naia :D I wouldn't be surprised

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I tried from Aden at the beginning and this bug happened and I was like… let’s go register from Giran cause maybe this is happening due to crowd. You understand from the videos that this is not the case 😛 . I took the videos from Goddard as a proof and support to my ticket.

I spoke with some ppl (from enemy team) from my matchups, where both my teammates died, and they confirmed that they could not target me. They just had to wait time to pass. 

Since this is happening at every oly  2-3 times I believe that I cannot teleport to a specific arena and instead I get teleported in the same town but in different server (when this happens in Aden, Giran, etc, the town is empty and I see ppl with number of server to appear and disappear like ghosts). Once match finish I get ported back.

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