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Summon Mystic Soulshot/Spiritshot lost after class change


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This is ridiculous , main class skills is not deleted . only dual class skills all deleted..including spellboks...ncsoft launched red libra event..but summon soulshots books are none to be found.. and bleeping players are selling it for high price..damn! 

what i can acceptable is main class skills not deleted..but dual class..!!!

where to find this book? what is the point of creating event making people lost of items and cant be refunded then? making huge mess for players like me trying to find the book?

i submitted tiket and ncsoft replied me is not refunded..how am i going to find the book if it is not existed? why not selling the book in grocery shop?

and by the way,

hairstyle potion from A to D , the basic hair style and faces should be selling in grocery shop..but ncsoft deleted it! 

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