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Opening 200 Sayha’s Blast Chest

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2 hours ago, Guanche said:


I think that opening 200 boxes and the best items are a jewelry box lvl 5 or 4 I do not fix well a talisman 7 signs

I bear a joke but I will not tell anyone where their money is spent, I am not like that

Now I think that in 200 boxes two or more blood zariche or dragon claws could drop some other stage 1 dragon weapon or else more purple potions will drop deton

but hey, you will notice that there are fewer and fewer purchases of event boxes

note that in cities there are more people buying items than selling

and those who sell sell at prices that I find difficult to write here because it is an insult hahahaha

You will need like 1k+ boxes for a blood or claw sadly. 

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14 hours ago, Open24hrs said:

I will not see this, cuz i know u got 150 rare book of splendor, sorry for ur loss

"Only" 20 rare book of splendor 😬, but I can't complain I did get a Gran Kain Weapon Scroll and a Grater Jewell Box that ended up into an Aquamarine, so I recovered my investment plus a bit of profit thanks to the second pack, from the first pack I lost adena, but adding both of the packs, this event, I got on +. 

I have to mention that I did not open both of the packs at same time, the reason why the video is split in 2 sections.

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