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What is Blessing Scroll (Imprint) in L2 Coin Shop?

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1 hour ago, Get2ThePoint said:

I see it costs 30,000,0000 adena. What the hell does it do for that price???  Does it give a Mass AOE Mortal Strike/Half-Kill skill with 1 second reuse timer or something to your weapon?

I’d like to hear this answer as well.  The only reference to it is the same as the shoddy description it gives.

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On 10/5/2021 at 11:24 AM, iJustice said:


So I guess they're treating shooter weapons like bows. And I'm guessing that zero MP cost applies only to normal attacks, not skill attacks. Pretty ridiculous, if that's the case. You're basically just paying an arm and a leg for a tiny chance at a Fourth of July sparkler.

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