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Some suggestions from me.


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I'd like to make some suggestions.

1)Remove dragon shirt augments from buffs and make it a passive skill on item skills bar (like all augments), because theres no need to have it as a buff (many toons including me overbuffing on it).

2)Do something about overbuffing, add more books or buff slots somehow we need to fix this, there no reason for us lossing important buffs, just add more buff slots we are 117++ toons with many skills and item skills.

3)Add a small event, or as a reward on event boxes the items ''evolution stone'' , ''red star bottle(jar)''  while those old agathions can be used as a nice main left bracelet since there is a skill on them. If you dont wanna bring a full event for this old item, add at least some evolution stones somehow so we can finish this items stage and use it.

4)Power of Abundance lv4 is kinda bugging (wont cast) many times. While its on auto many times wont cast auto but neither while clicking, pls check this skill out.

5)Make La Vie en Rose energy skill (brooch BR) an auto skill, theres no need having this in our macros.

6)All items in game should be obtainable even with a small chance in all periods even out of payable events from boxes in l2 store, items like brilliant brooch jewel and many many more items can be only obtained from l2 store events by paying. All items should be able to get in game.


Thats all from me for now an 14y old toon in chronos.

Thanks for keeping our server safe.

I hope my suggestions will be heared in GM's and take some action on most of them. 


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