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Live Server Maintenance: October 13, 2021

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You and your Dev Team, are making fun of the players and consumers !! Are 100 COOKIES + 1 MILLION ADENA FOR A VITALITY TONIC a joke? GG L2 Team

We just got Dev to add an exchange for the Real Attack Cookies, so you can turn in 100 and 1m Adena for a Vitality Tonic. As for the latency issues, the Chronos server will have its hardware swappe

wait...what??? like how many monkeys does it take it to screw in a light bulb here?!  you " haven't determined compensation for the latency issue".... how long have u guys been dealing with every

11 hours ago, voo said:

can we get an expansion on adena limit held by toon?  its pretty annoying to have to keep creating new toons just to hold more adena?

I have 30+ toons you can transfer some of that excess adena onto. Mail me in game.😶


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1 hour ago, L0RELEI said:

Game is unplayable outside of Auto-Hunting. Lag spikes every 5 seconds... this is unacceptable for a company that forces players to pay thousands of dollars just to keep up with the game. 

Here is what your new hardware looks like... LAG... LAG... LAG... 


This happens when Naia is boting hard-core so that whole servers are lagging on AWS 🥳🥳🥳

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On 10/13/2021 at 4:18 AM, KissMyKnife said:

@Juji i have a question, tell me, you guys add Einhasad Coin in next update? or we will be the only l2 game server who not get this coin?
Its so cringe for we are the only 1 who not have this coin.

what can i say, innova and rus already post patch note like 1 month before, and we west player, not get any info even in before week, or leak some info, ITS TOP SECRET :D Where is your better communication you was said before @Juji?

You guys should look better job, or something, patch note should be out 2 weeks before aired, not in last day

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Stop expecting something good coming from Juji team.

It has been now 2 years we get kicked in the butt by them.

Even new 110 toons in Korea are better geared than most 115+ from our servers.

Their lack of communication, every other company would fire the whole team.

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