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And now Staff what will become of Classic?

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I'm going to point out a few things here and hope that both the Staff ( @Hime@Juji @Sunshine)  and the players can interact: 

* Bot use is again everywhere on the server.
- From bots, in farm areas;
- Bots benefiting from the event (taking specific things from the ground)
- bots that for years fed chars that are now top server, and everyone knows who owns many bots, except the staff, which takes me to another point.

* Staff absence in the forum, or even interaction/response to much that is said in the forum, ie we expose opinions, suggest improvements and just abandonment. I have posts with 2 years old pointing out flaws, errors, giving suggestions to attract more players and they are ignored. Or is it forbidden in the forum to try to save Classic?

* Classic from classic has nothing for a long time. It was enough for the Staff to release individual clan quests, which would revitalize the Server and bring a lot of people back. I'm the only one who sees it??? Common sense is simple, 90% of classic players today still dream of nostalgia for what the l2 was like in the beginning.

* Where the functionality of dwarves, please correct this bullshit that was made with dwarves, literally lost its meaning nowadays.

* Maps, my God, why are you reducing maps more and more, and nothing is implemented, Execution Ground, Enchanted Valley.

* Wonderful what you guys are doing about L2 universe, but please don't just ignore the classic

* Please advise us on using the forum so that things can be heard. At no point did I fail to expose myself, I've been trying for 2 years to point out things that can be done to rescue the server and I just see that I'm ignored. We need information about the Server.

Please don't ignore us, let's look for improvements to L2 Classic together.



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Still missing talking about PK

Today Pk are mostly farm bot owners and are still benefited, as PK has no punishment. Pk has to be punished Karma doesn't have to have a limit, it's a result of the chaotic actions of the char. Today pk system is a joke, and a bad joke.

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@Juji @Hime @Pôr do sol  Too bad the West does not have the correct adm contact to denounce the negligence that occurs here in the classic if we had this access or you would start cleaning up the mess or you would lose the franchise the situation is already unbearable as in thousands of posts on the forum, no, we want free items, we want playable content that has player interaction and more PK penalties for them to lose their items and 100% boot elimination we're together #casemonstro

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