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LF leveling guide


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I responded to your other topic.

Generally, the game funnels you through leveling, there is no "guide" per se. Basic rule of levelling -> Kill green mobs

99-105 blazing (or war torn for melee) + dailies + abandoned

105-106 - beleths +asabove + Imperial Tomb if you can find a party to kill for you (you won't be doing any damage, but exp reward at 105 is like 5%)

106-107 - Phantasmal (or maybe Enchanted Valley if you prefer, exp is the same) + as above + [and here starts the need to spend money] if you have gear Field of Crisis

107-108 - Silent Valley + as above + if you have gear Primeval Island for some extra adena

108-110 Tanor Canyon +as above + Field of Crisis

at 109 you get some alternatives

at 108, if you can find a party, Neutral Zone is decent exp+adena, but not something you can do with a 2box party, you need a real one.


From 110, you should have figured out the game, the gear you need, should be farming Stronghold (Isle of Souls) for adena and Ketra/Varka with a party for exp. Alternative if you must solo is Field Of Silence, but it's slower exp.

what's in the + category is dailies or time limited instances you should aim to do every day, meaning semi manual play. Rest of the time you can auto exp at the relevant locations for the rest of day.

Buy as many exp boosts as you can afford, playing below 109 or so is really a net loss (you are spending more on consumables that you make killing mobs). So the quicker you get to 109+ the better.

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2 hours ago, Derisnospoon said:

Hi, I tried really hard to find an updated leveling guide but I failed. Anybody got an up to date leveling guide for 100+ lvl?

up to 105 you are good to go, at 105 you need to decide how much money you gonna spend, $50-500 will get you good xp in phantasmal till 110.
general rule, hunt mobs 3-5 lvls lower than you
by the time you get 110, you need to have around 1500-2000 worth of gear to progress further, if you are a tyrr maybe 1200-1500.
If you do not plan on spending anything on a server that has 17 years worth of progress then do not even bother.

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