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While it is widely claimed that Baium was the last emperor, the Imperial Geneology records indicate that Baium's son Printes, also known as Frintezza, was the last ruler of Elmoreden and a younger brother to Saint Solina.

After Baium's fall, Solina's popularity grew by the day. At one stage, conversations between Solina's disciples criticizing the King and his policies were leaked, leading Frintezza to accuse Solina and her followers of treason. 

Even though the accusations could not be proven, the Emperor and his high officials came to the conclusion that they must eliminate Solina. Her potential harm to the royal family and the country was a threat, as was her power. Elmore–Aden’s royal guards were sent to the Monastery of Silence to arrest Solina and kill her disciples. Eventually, Solina surrendered herself and was taken by the King’s guards. Within one week, she was sentenced to death for heresy and treason and publicly executed. This disastrous event caused an outcry among the people, public sentiment turned against Emperor Frintezza and Elmore–Aden quickly began its fall from grace. 

Frintezza's rule ended when he decided to make a pact with Halisha in order to protect his throne, and went missing somewhere in the Goddard region

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