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Brightness issue when alt tabbing or multiboxing


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I know this is old, literally since C4 old, but might as well try it anyway.

This game for some bizarre reason changes desktop screen brightness whenever you focus the game window, and if you have more than one game window open the issue compounds itself.
The only workaround* is to reset screen/videocard settings when you alt-tab, closing the game does nothing to fix the issue.

*There also .ini modification to prevent it enterely but your auto-detect stuff says its cheating. (Zero finesse in that)

**You can in fact use the check4game utility (Designed for in L2 EU and L2 classic EU and log on to NCWest servers no problem). This fixes doesn't fix the issue, but it reverts screen brightness back to default settings after a sec or two automatically.

Anyone knows any other workarounds?

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Mate this problem is since the day the game was released! 

I simply bought a big monitor and play the game in window mode, few hours and you will get used to it.. no brightness problems like that for me! 


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