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Best combo for yull after nerf


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Hello mates,

I would like to discuss about the best class combo for yull after nerf of skill critical rate.

Ofc if you are stucked you dont even noticed the difference.  My 2 option is:

1)Dark Elf race and MS class for the buff that MS has and gives skill critical rate

2)Elf race and GS so you will have the extra +5 dex .


Any other option is always welcome.


P.S. i am newbie in archer class

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Have Prophecy Of Might is a must! Maybe try a Tank to lure mobs away so you could try higher leveling zone. Set a macro on your Hierophant /target Archer /Prophecy Of Might /target yourself(Iss) then healing macro. Hope this helped. :)

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Yes, aim for more than 105 on dex that will make you have more critical hits.

+5 TOP SHIRT, LV 5 EMERALD, VENIR 18 +, R110 SET, +TOP GRADE BROOCH, all this itens will help you to achieve that.


Please if i forgot any item that is helpful let me know

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