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Questions about Frenzy and about polearms


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As I've mentioned elsewhere, I played this game for a while in the 2000s. In the latter part of that time Polearms (for any race) were severely nerfed. And Frenzy was also severely nerfed.

1) In the case of polearms, the nerfs, as I recall, severely limited the amount of multiple monsters that could be hit at one time.

2) In the case of Frenzy, if health went back over something like 25%, the Frenzy effect went away.

Can anybody answer if those 2 nerfs are in L2 Classic?

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Somebody, please?

FYI, I see that polearms seem to now be referred to as spears. So, do nerfs still apply? Can a spear user reliable hiot more than 2 monsters at a time?

Also, I'm beginning to wonder if the silence means that the Frenzy skill for Destroyers / Titans was eliminated.

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