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Advice for the Product Managers


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I know this will fall on deaf ears like all other suggestions, but at least I vent it out.  It is clear that NCSoft no longer cares about Classic.  They are moving players to other games.  I just want to take time to write what I think would have helped keep Classic alive.

1.  In my opinion one of the biggest problems today are the random and mass DC's.  The game needs to be more stable, so many other games are stable, why isn't Lineage2?  How can other games persist through minor packet loss, but Lineage 2 can't?  At VIP 10, I don't get enough BRez to keep Brez'ing my party from the DC's and party wipes.  

2. Gambling.  By making everything a gamble, only the top players can truly spend money to get top gear.  The large majority of players can't compete on the spend.  The majority of players get discouraged and quit or don't invest.  Maybe they just play their solo farm game.  Now if you must have gambling, your rates of success need to be high enough that people think they are getting value for what they are spending to get that item.  If your rates are too low, then why spend money to get nothing?  The majority would then be able to fund their main, while the deep pocket players can then fund and upgrade their entire party.

3.  PK system.  That wrecked a lot of the game.  No real consequences for PK and harassment, it pushed a lot of people out.  There needs to be consequences for bad behavior.  

These things mentioned, are not new to the forum.  They have been talked about for years.  And nothing will happen from me writing them down, except I know I was able to at least voice my opinion.  It is a shame that a game with such nostalgia and dedicated players has been cast aside and gutted.  Most businesses would love to have the passion of customers like Lineage2 has. 

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it's so frustrating, but i'm obligated to agree with digitalstorm, the pk of the sever, this server is dead. No more costumers and sellers in giran... Useless events... No quests... No craft... Ômega ridiculous rules... No siege... Predetermined location to farm lvl 76+(Omega)... Raid boss owners (Omega)... NC soft please close this server, be honest with new players put a msg in the login screen: "don't spend your money here" or "spend your money here, but we don't care with your experience".

Sorry... But it's the truth.

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