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Looking for guild or active discord - Have lots of questions for progression

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Hello, yes I am currently getting back into Lineage 2 Aden, and loving it so far. However, I do realize it slows down a great deal at a certain point, much like the original game did. I was wondering if there might be a place for me to ask lots of questions, like a discord chat, or join a guild in game by chance?  It would seem online resources are very limited just like in the old days lol 


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Most of the Blackbird players are no longer using forum after they got manhandled bad in the past months so they are a bit afraid of posting around here.

Anyway, there is an official discord somewhere for the NA servers. You might try to shout in game for a PVE-Friendly clan (using the & chat, which is global and usable up to 10 times per day) or simply go all out and write them on the forum, sooner or later someone will reply. 

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