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what are the best races?


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If you mean which classes are best, all in dark elf GH, GS, STS

If you mean race changing, its all close enough IMO from the best race to worst race, you may see 10 points of stat;

Dagger; DE (highest STR, 3rd highest dex, but lowest con) [Human, Dwarf, Orc not horrible choices either, all fairly close]
Archer; DE (3rd highest dex, highest str, lowest con) [Maybe LE, you'd gain 5dex and 5con, but you would loose 10pts in STR compared to DE]
Wizard; DE (highest INT, decent wit/men, low con) OR Dwarf (2nd highest INT, best con, decent wit/men, -1% cooldown passive)

Kamael is also decent for all those classes, but it cant be race changed too.

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