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Please for the love of God step in and fix NC Soft west. We are supposed to be a NORTH AMERICAN server but NC Soft west has for some reason decided to change ALL NA servers to Euro server times. No one in NA that has jobs can actually participate in anything in the game anymore. 

Swamp runs from 2pm to 3pm PST. Sword drops at 10am, swords runs from 3:30pm to 4pm, when exactly are people with jobs (who makes up 90% of this player base) in NORTH AMERICA supposed to actually participate? We had a thread that talked about these time changes and the server OVERWHELMINGLY voted NOT TO CHANGE times.. yet.. NC Soft West decided what the majority of the server wanted obviously didn't matter, nor does the fact it's supposed to be on NA time. 

If this continues, I'd like to open up a dialogue in with  the parent company of NC Soft in leasing the rights to Lineage 2 and opening up an actual North American Server that has times for NORTH AMERICA.  We can Run the server out of Canada and actually have a game and server that does what it was originally intended to do.. be a server for North America.

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