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randoms disconnects


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after remove the gameguard i have some randoms dc like when i open the inventory, open the auctioner house, check linked items and sometimes after log only the map load and dc (not even load my toon).

i already asked in my clan and to some happens too, any info about for fix it?

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Same here, did remove GameGuard folder and the time it happens is really random but usually close to a client being started up.

- Interacting with UI can cause it, like opening anything really.
- Sometimes even without any interaction.
- Sometimes a couple hours in, in the middle of killing mobs or raid.
- Not a local issue only, US / EU people all report the exact same problem and it started since GameGuard removal.
- Can happen many times to the exact same character or with different characters.

Any logs you need to aid in fixing this issue @Neutron / @Conguero?

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I managed to fix the disconnects, at least for the most part. One character in particular was causing disconnect just as I logged in. On another one while opening auction house and so on. What I did is that I went to the system folder and removed the gameguard folder, used some cleaner to remove any residual gameguard in the registry. In the end it was still not enough but after a full file check.it seems that I didn't get any for hours.

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