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What is the best race for Othel

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f00dmonsta    3
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So depending on the mantra you follow, i.e. str vs dex, DE is best for str and LE is best for dex...

As for the difference, str means you hit marginally harder (stabs), and you get more skill resets, i.e. skill has a chance to instantly become available again, so you have a chance to say double stab twice in a row in quick succession.

Dex on the other hand, increases the stab land rate marginally, and also increases the chance for your skill to "crit". Without items a skill crit does 2x damage, but that can be increased via items, e.g. SAs.

The main advantage of the str mantra is you have an increased chance for a skill reset on limit break type buffs, I.e. UE, hide...etc. whereas dex is generally considered to have a more reliable increase in overall DPS, as you don't have to keep an eye on the skill resetting and also be dexterous enough to use that to your advantage instantly.

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