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What is the current game state?


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21 minutes ago, TrelaPoulaw said:

What is the current game state?

Worth starting?

Best 4 chars set ups? 

How long does it takes to go lvl 80 right now?

Depends on your gear how fast you level. You could hit 80 in 2 days. As for best chars just play what you enjoy.

If you don't have the gear or help maybe few months.

1 main and buffers bd is a must have

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Depends on what you want to play as your main.

Melee Main then you need a WC, BD, PP, SWS, and Cat to get to highest levels, and in that order.  Best to bring them up in duo's

Magic User then you need an OL, PP, BD, SWS, Pony to get to the highest levels.

Magic toons exp faster than melee toons, less running to hit a mob can stand in place and shoot 360 degrees.  Magic toons need more gear, and they use SPS which are expensive.

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