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I agree its too early and prob won't get until march but since the last libra we have had a major update which included a new class and a 4 week xp event. Cant blame people for wanting red libra again.

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19 hours ago, MeddlingMageGR said:

Are you serious? We had Red Libra before some months.. Where were you on September? Every time a lunitic wants to change his toon, he will open a new post about it? Its 1 dead month of all of us. 

Too Rude junior :P

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On 2/1/2022 at 12:51 PM, IvanDragunov said:

some players have dragon weapon different from their class.So red libra is a way to re-role without start again from zero.

I'll re-write this as for some reason they deleted it the first time.

People are changing class to fit their weapon?   I miss L2.

I don't see anything offensive there.  Personally, at this point in "game" I think it should be permanent, at least the swap weapon part.  Thats what mammon was for.

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