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Is Dragon Event worth it?


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hi, i bought the 4800 ncoin pack to try the event out. i opened the 120 boxes and the best i got out of them was a black ticket. and for the enchanting part, after using all of my scrolls and being at 71 luck, the best i got was a +10 event weapon.

so there you go these were my odds. most likely some others will have way more chance at opening and enchanting then i did.

that being said if you wanna flip ncoin thats the event to do it. 😉

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2x4800 packs -> +10 Krishna Limited Armor, Lindvior Dual Dagger Stg 1 and a couple of lvl 5 jewels for the AH. Still have enchants + giants left. Luc 112 after +15


do not, I repeat, do not open packs. Either enchant or sell them

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4 hours ago, Guacimara said:

my friend bought 220 boxes in the event and only got an energy gem as the best painful item and look I told him to sell them so as not to open them
they have already given out several stage 1 dragon weapons and have already enchanted several dragon slayers to +20
but they are a few
In any case, do not trust what people teach in the world chat, many take items from the warehouse to encourage people to buy nccoins.
I guess then the GM rewards them, I mean.....

And? Buy Ncoins and sell your price , top/farmers players are buying alot and Overpriced.. I sell already 16k Ncoin for 18m each. Easy pizy

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It’s worth every Penny…. But don’t open them, trade them in for scrolls and start enchanting but u need to invest a little bit and with that I mean it can happen that u use 1k scrolls (100 boxes) and fail them all and don’t even make 1 +15+++ u need to start with at least 3k scrolls or so…. But u can see the global chat if it’s worth every 3rd shout is someone selling a Dragon weapon etc etc etc….. if u ever wanna invest some money into the game and make a lot bigger progress than u normally could now is your Chance, many ppl startet the event with putting money for 2-3k boxes worth lets say 150b and now they made a profit of trillions!

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