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Where are the mobs?


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@Juji@Himehey guys, is everything alright? Mobs are not spawning on Giran server for more than 3 hours now and there is nothing anywhere? No twitter, no forum posts, no ticket response, no nothing?

What kind of customer service that is?

P.S. I have a feeling that if NCSoft was competing in the failure championship it would have came 2nd. Cuz it would have failed even in this.

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People had 8 hours of dragon elixers, fruits, hourglasses, scrolls, and runes running.. your compensation of 4 hourglasses for the downtown is lacking. As far as the new ice dungeon is concerned.. you can't call it content. The other classic servers have better items and are able to farm monster in there. We take 12 of the most geared people on the server in there and it takes minutes to kill a single monster. If you were to try to create the new weapons in there.. it would take your group aprox 18 years.



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