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N/A Server with Non NA times for event


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Hey @JujiWTF is wrong with you? This is an NA server and the event you all have going on (which is actually GOOD) has the "draw" at frigging NOON PST? This is a NORTH AMERICAN SERVER. Where do you think North Americans are at noon? I'll tell you where ... WORK.. were all at fu*()ng WORK... Change the frigging time to represent where the server is SUPPOSED to be. OR.. Change Nia..which is DEAD to North American times so we can all move to a server that has events at times we can actually go to.

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@Juji @Hime and whoever is actually  representing this gaming community ,  this server has international  gaming players why on earth u put a static time window on this steel guild event or any other future event like this , none use their brains in ncwest?  yeah sure the cheaters will still acess it not at keyboard but for the fair players why not make it 100% fair to all  in my case its 4am  a non static random time window  opening is alot fairer and 100% all legit players would agree , as it is u have to be the lucky one to click fast enough but it seem u make it 2 x harder to obtain on certain timezones

this is based on korean only time zone competition,not international community  , a bit of thought process input is needed 


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