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Tyrr Maestro VS Eviscerator


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Which is better and why ?

What is the proc rate of golem spirit/power/heavy pnch/gravity switch on mobs 110+ lvl, with char same lvl ( same or lower)

What is the proc rate of golem spirit/power/heavy punch/gravity switch on yellow mobs ( same or lower)

Golem spirit/Heavy punch - chance to deal 30% of the target hp after standard attack, but which hp? 30% of the current hp or 30% of the max hp, skill description is not clear about that.

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Golem spirit deal 30% of current HP, diminishing return
If mob start at 100%hp, 1st hit -> 70%, 2nd hit-> 49%, 3rd hit -> 34,3%,4th hit-> 24%

If playing as free player, with a little $ to buy exalted gear
My vote goes to Maestro
1) Maestro got shield 😍 , much better survival rate
2) with little $, dmg is little, most dmg come from 30% proc, and maestro got golem, so 2x of 30%  compared to 1x for Evi
3) last attack, with little dmg, you'll need this to kill the mob

If playing with CC and more $$, 

play any toon u like 😂

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