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Hello I would like to know what is happening with the STAFF of NCSOFT because every month that passes the service to the player is decaying the quality and attention, there is more and more delay in the answers of tickets and emails, this directly affects the growth of the server and the company NCSOFT.

It is necessary to pay attention to this because we are players yes, but we are also customers dissatisfied with the current work and administration of the game, I am vip 10, vip 09 and vip 08 in several accounts! And people really look for an official server for security and professionalism, and we hope to be well attended, right….but it's quite amateurish.
I'm waiting for a position from STAFF, because it's really harder to believe in the official server.

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write tickets. they have to answer and somewhat take care of the matter. the controlling department will not notice if forum threads are unanswered. but they will look up the response times of tickets and if they are processed or not

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I lost the staff's faith. For me, they proved that they don't care about interacting with players.
If you open a ticket, a little more complex, they don't know how to respond, so come to the forum, post and see the community's response.

But in the forum, everything that is said is ignored.

As I said before, I believe it's time to fill social networks with complaints about this abandonment. I know that the KO website has a reference to the project sponsors, I believe that the only option to save the game is to make them listen to us.

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