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Valenties event. Cookies.


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I have heard others claiming that their party was flagged & because of the Sugar Rush, Decadence & Forever Alone skills that our items cast. Due to this (possible) bug, people are staying flagged forever.  I do not believe that people are flagging the party, except the party itself. By that, I think some how on some nights, the items themselves are flagging players in the party. I only say this, because I sit up & watch the party at night. No one runs by flagged. My team's settings are not set to attack or defend. No one uses skills that will accidentally attack a flagged player running by. I've only heard this from 1 other group of players, including my team. So maybe it's a flagged dagger in hide running by? Maybe a ghost? If there are people running by flagged & our teams are then magically attacking those flagged persons, why are they not killing us? I think it's the event Candy Heart, Comfort Cookie & Chocolate truffle bugging. Anyone else?

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