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Hey @Juji


Heres an idea for you.


Why not make a monthly siege where the siege is done in an instance zone that makes all player stats and gear equal. Think about it. How fun would it be to have a siege that the whole server would participate in because it would take team work and collaboration to win in a siege where everyone was even. 


Just give each class the same gear, same stats, exc.... and allow people to pvp on an even playing field. - You should try it out. 


From a $$ stand point, this would encourage more people to buy into the game with Ncoins on a greater level when they realize players in the major clans are terrible at pvp and only win due to gear.


Kick out an event that has instance siege as a test and invite the server to participate, i bet you would see a huge turnout and then it might make sense to the developers to implement it full time.


Just some food for thought. Enjoy the day.

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