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Shield Wave: Possible Bug


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Good Afternoon (Using Google Translate)

Well, after the update, I had not noticed anything different, until I went to the Olympics, since I'm more concerned with evolving the character of lvl. Well, I noticed that every time I use the Shield Wave skill, my character starts to get stuck, it's a Sigel Eva's Templar, but when it's with a different class, the catch that occurred when I use this skill are low, although in the last Olympics, when I used this Shield Wave skill, I ended up taking disconect. It was when I started to use it a lot in quest, boss and etc, and nothing happened, it works perfectly, reflects the damage perfectly, what is the function of the skill: Give stun in area, leaving everyone to the stun gives a 10 second buff that reflects the damage. The effect of this skill, when we hit it, is similar to Iss's absorbing damage, it looks like a transparent circle and the noise is the same. So it was when I went to Parmassus today, and I saw a Tanker dueling, that's when I decided to take the test, I called him to duel, I was an Eva's Templar and he was a Paladin, and when the duel started, everything went well, and it was there that I used the SHIELD WAVE and we both got paralyzed, I only saw my HP coming down, and then I took it off, and when I saw it again, I saw that I was dead, and it was a duel and he, and when he logged in, because I kept waiting, he was PK, and even he did not understand anything. So I ask the tanker players to test this skill, but test in places that do not get pk, in the Olympics, because I believe that this skill is bugged.

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