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24/7 farming not possible


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I'm having difficulty leveling on Aden. The adena drop rate, soulshot, consumable cost and xp doesn't add up. People keep saying its fine until 80+, but this has not been my experience. 

  • I've concluded that the only solution is to limit the hours of play. 
  • Therefore when people say it's fine, it is only if you limit to 12 hours max
  • Soulshot costs are NOT fine if you want to leave your pc on overnight for a 24/7 operation. 

People seem to be glossing over the details and it is not a fair and honest review. I had to conclude after my own analysis that they had to play within the means of the daily mission which would mean limited hours. If you farmed without soulshots, the xp and leveling would suffer greatly. 

I'm also under the impression there is a great deal of imbalance between classes in farming efficiency which may also skew someone's defintion of what is considered "fine". 

200 Soulshot Tickets Per Day

200 ss tickets a day seems to be the rough average. However my mage uses almost double that amount in a single day. The question is what people define as a "day". There is technically 24 hours in a day, but people typically play up to 8 hours. This game is automated and hence people aren't actually playing 24 hours consecutively. 

200 Soulshot Tickets = 200 NCoin = $2.50/day = $75/month

That is $75 a month just for soulshots. So are people buying nearly 1400 NCoin worth of soulshots per week? 

If anyone has any advice for leveling a mage or caster please let me know. Please provide details because I'm literally down to the last adena and scrapping by waiting for the daily to reset. Something is definitely not right. 

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In the current version of the game we should have something called achievement boxes as rewards for killing 1k mobs. Achievement boxes are timed to open after 2,6,12 hours. A 12-hour achievement box can give you 1k SS tickets. Dunno why we do not have these but we have 70 cookies from transcendent dungeon quest which was implemented much later. Maybe because the achievement boxes can give temporary special A armor or boss jewels. Maybe in next update.

For mages is harder than for warriors with SS but at 80+ you should still be able to make a profit, even with buying SS from grocery, unless your char is too weak and you need 5-6 shots for a mob @ lizardman spot

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