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Quiet changes to patch notes

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On 3/9/2022 at 9:00 AM, iAndouille said:

Too much nonsense in this post. 

At endgame , The damage is balanced if both side has same gears.

IF you focus only in your Attack and you'r opponent too, then ofcourse everything will be 1 shot,    if you make a great setup and increase ur defense where u can, u can probably survive to any 1 shots (Except on full skill, which is stupid for sure) 

Daggers have the Highest Damage in the game in single skills usage,  they have many counter skill/dodge skill that can be rotated,  fake death,  Hide,   Daggers is assassin claas, they give u 2-3 hit and the target must be dead  then get away, watch how the koreans played it..  

Every claas has its particularity,  just Adapt yourself ,  and if u feel like u don't like it or can't play it then change claas.

Also stop saying tyrrs are OP because its just Titan with Guts that are OP, one skill that make it unbalanced, don't blame other tyrrs, i myself as a dread with endgame gears gets killed by other ppl, we are not unkillable, and Daggers are the one that kill me quickly :) and titan ofc, and soon DK i guess :) 

Agree! Especially about daggers.

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I do play as dagger and with so many items and buffs that reduce critical damage othel is reduced to mediocre damage in pvp wich is very bad for that class, add also that  skills  that we have  to survive are not relyable and you  get a broken class for pvp, i would like to have 1 min buff ultimate evasion  to have 95% evade all skills with 5 min cooldown for example to survive more  and delete fake death  than actual UE  and im sure things will go different in pvp.

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On 3/9/2022 at 10:48 AM, TheWall said:

É bom ver como você GM corre rápido para corrigir quando um DD chora quando as classes de suporte ficam "f**cked" cada lareira e nenhum faz algo para ajudá-los.

Quer um exemplo? É interessante ver como um tanque nível 119 com arma dragon tem menos CP do que um yul nível 120 com engrenagem semelhante (e sem dw), ou ainda melhor, tem menos CP do que titã de classe dupla 110 sem qualquer equipe em HP/CP/CON e nenhuma arma dragão

Quer outro exemplo? Os "impulsos" nas habilidades para o tanque... 7k poder em puxar habilidades, oh bom agora eu posso fazer 2 dano mais para as mobs que eu puxar.

Quer outro exemplo? Redução do tempo de zona de instância partidária para a agricultura adena (toi) para fazer mais para playe único

Quer outro exemplo? O tanque DD tem mais tempo de UD do que um tanque normal

Quer outro exemplo? Posso continuar por anos.

Se falarmos de curandeiros é ainda pior

Good Night (Using google translator)

This game will never be balanced, because it is not in NCsoft's interest to do that, it will never have the degree of balance that WOW, for example, offers, there all classes can evolve alone, without needing a party, I understand that this party system it's been part of the game's history since the beginning, but today this sense no longer exists. Ncsoft has been increasing the defense and resistance skills of all damage classes, that today they can simply go to one place and evolve alone, this does not happen with the Healers, Iss and Sigel Knights, always dependent on DDs, but today, each DDs no longer need all the support in the party, just have an Iss and that's it, everything solved, because it heals and buffs.

Created the death knight which has Sigel and Tyrr abilities, that is, it does high damage and has the resistance of a Sigel, making Sigel increasingly useless in the game. The fact is that NCsoft doesn't know how to balance the classes, it doesn't know how to develop the skills of each class, because it creates absurdly powerful skills for certain classes, and others gain skills that in the end, don't bring any advantage, it's there for being, just to say created. Sigel's damage is low because he's a support, Iss too and Healer's too and there is no place in the game where supports can evolve alone without having to be begging to be helped, you can see that it's easier for you to see high lvl DDs in the game that supports and the few that have, there's a reason why the clans help, and even then they help less and less, because with the DDs gaining very powerful skills to keep them alive, with a lot of P.Defense, a lot of M.Defense, and with the absurd damage that they don't even need a healer, more and more surports are expendable.

To this day I wonder why Sigel's UD has a 15-minute cooldown, it's just a defense skill, to keep him alive, after all Sigel does little damage, it's just skills to keep him alive for longer time, which DDs can run around and wait for the effect to end and that's it, unlike the skills of several DDs that increase critical, damage, lethal and etc, and that ignores even the UD of Sigel and that you have no way to escape , as it's damage skills, critical, critical demage and etc and there's no way to ignore it. I remember back there, when Lineage 2 as we know it was released, Sigel would reflect 100% damage for a few seconds, but DDs ignored that, but it had a high damage reflect, took weapon and argued to get a buff that reflected damage and I remember hearing a story out there that the DDs were complaining to NCsoft about it, and NCsoft nerfed it from Sigel, as the Healers used that to their advantage too, then created items that decreased reflected damage, giving the DDs vast advantage, and I don't see them doing this with the more powerful DDs like Evicerator, Archers and etc. 

A Sigel fighting an archer himself, loses easily, the archer just needs to invest in defense items, stay away using the Pinpoint skill and that's it, he will give lethal all the time, has an item that decreases the chance of lethal or the damage of the lethal, no, it doesn't. But there are several that decrease the reflect of damage received. But, I still wonder why Sigel Knight is the class where his defense skills have 15 minutes reuse, while other classes have 10 minutes or 5 minutes reuse in their most appealing skills. Because I don't see U.D as an appealing skill, because it won't give Sigel an advantage in damage, it will just keep him alive and even then the reuse is long and it runs out easy because DDs have time to wait for the buff to end. 

A game will only be balanced when you enter it and often see all the classes that the game offers, with people playing and playing with pleasure, today people invest in that class that dominates the game, and the game allows you to buy items to change class which doesn't even belong to that race, what I see the most is dwarf fighting hero of Sigel Knight, Feoh and etc, class that doesn't belong to that race, that's ridiculous, Orca fighting to be hero in Feoh class which they don't have, that it's wrong. Human disputing hero of Evas Templar, Shillen Templar, this is wrong, because they are class that belongs to another race and etc. All this to make money. Because WOW a tank can defeat all other classes, but it can die, but it's on an equal footing, a healer there too, a buff too and so on, here we see the opposite.

It seems that NCsoft absurdly improves a class, just to earn more, sell more Ncoins and with that people buy items to make this class more powerful. Here comes an update, worsens this class that dominated, and another improved to be the dominant class. I remember a time when no one defeated an Othell Rogue, for example, then it was an update that the archer sent, then one that Feoh sent, every update to NCsoft gives the advantage yes to a class of DDs, and the supports, are there begging to evolve, begging to be able to evolve alone, without needing to ask for help and are totally ignored. There are players who love to play supports, but get frustrated when NCsoft is negligent with supports, which even if they are absurdly equipped at the same level as a DDs, will still have absurd disadvantages.

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