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Skills STILL Don't land


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After three + years of skills not landing, and PVP being incredibly one sided for Damage classes; support and classes that are literally build around debuffs, are STILL not working. Summon pets can't attack raid bosses, they are teleported away. Fulling stacked Iss with +200% confusion attack +20 skill for chance, Assault rush landed 0 out of 100 times against a character with similar gear same level. 

Against a Character 4 levels lower with a much lower gear level the land rate is about 20%. EVEN to get Assault rush to land at 20% on a low level low geared character you need to SEVERELY nerf your own defense. Tyrs already have the highest Defense in the game, they also hit the hardest AND have Berzerker that is 90% debuff resist. 

If you watch Korean PVP, Debuffs actually land. Can you PLEASE, for the love of F&*&ing God, Increase the land rate of buffs so other classes can be useful and have fun in the game again.   


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