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Unwarranted Account Suspension


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on February 2nd I was playing at a lan house in my city, when a lineage 2 player was trying to buy ncoins in his account, but his credit card was not authorizing the registration on the lineage2 website, so he asked for my help to see if it would work on my account, because it wasn't working on his account. I tried to register for it too, and the same thing happened, it didn't register. so we both gave up. Last week there was a mass ban on all accounts that were connected to the ip of the lan house, not only mine but many people. the gentleman who was at the lan house, talking he went to check his account and it was also blocked, we understand that it was because of what had happened, because NCSOFT claimed that the accounts were banned for an ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE. and suspected fraud, and fraud on associated accounts. so he sent all his data, including photos of his documents, photo of his credit card used in the attempt, and even then NCSOFT claims it was fraud and nothing can be done to reverse the situation. I'm sending tickets and I'm not getting a response. so I ask for help, because I never had any problem with payment on my personal account, I have all my vouchers for my used cards. practically 12 years inside the server and for the first time in 12 years, this occurred to me. So I need help.

My name is: Stecker and Cbone

( it all started with my wife who tried to help you, and this was affecting all other accounts, her toon is CBONE ).

My son who plays the character St3cker, was not logged in on the day, and was also banned. We are desperate, because our life and history is inside this game, I ask for everyone's solidarity.

our ticket is (23824644)

this is the third time I'm posting on the forum, because I have nothing to hide, but NCSOFT continues to delete my posts, do you want to hide something?

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