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To the Dev's: Constructive Feedback About Update

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There are some things right and wrong with this update, after a few days of testing.

Only Classes to truly benefit from this update are:
Eviscerator, Tyrr, Feoh, Summoner

This has created an even larger imbalance/nerf with the following classes, especially in pve/pvp.
Othell, Yul, Healer, ISS, Seer, Tank

With the update, the dev's have created a huge imbalance between the gear required to hunt these zones, and the availability or probability of obtaining items. 

The hot topic right now is the Error the "Dev's" made in the cloak enchanting. I don't fault anyone for trying, Ncsoft commonly has errors in item descriptions/functions, in addition players are desperate to get upgrades to function in game, the Dev team has made these items nearly impossible to get. After playing for a few days on this update it's obvious these items are necessary to continue playing effectively in the current update. 

Talking with players that tried, it took an avg of 35-45 scrolls to go from +15 --> +18. If players are to use Stables for this, the average cost to attempt this would be 3.5 trillion adena at current market prices. This either means spending $35,000usd selling event boxes in shop, or farming TOI for 2 years (104 weeks) making 30b in 10 hours. That is completely unreasonable to attempt to get a single item in game. In addition the players with the higher enchanted cloaks were able to enchant at a higher degree of success when the cloaks first came out, now players get nerfed rates, this is completely unreasonable. The suggestion is put more stable enchants in that are reasonably obtainable or increase the success rates to +18.

Next, pvp, 
Othell, Yul, Healer, ISS, Seer, Tank, cannot compete effectively in pvp against:
Eviscerator, Tyrr, Feoh.

These classes are completely imbalanced. Skills MUST be updated to allow all classes a real opportunity to compete fairly with their unique class skills.
I even opened a support ticket on this asking for dev, input, what was disgusting, was supports response that the solution was for me to change class (i'm happy to share this email from them upon request). This is disgusting, that they want me to completely reset my character, lose the ability to use the Dragon Weapon i worked very hard to get, and farm more adena to re-learn my skills. This is wrong on every level. 

The difficulty now of TOI, and the lack of gear being available has completely nerfed all but Tyrr classes to efficiently farm adena.

God Souls are impossible to get.

Splendor fragments are impossible to get.

There really are only a few positives as a player:
Lv.120 toons have decent zones to solo xp now.
Feoh have damage to efficiently solo xp.
The crafting system updates are nice, but rates suck.

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On 3/13/2022 at 11:35 AM, jimakos said:

Summoner had a benefit ???

Are you smoking something ?

Agree with you he is smoking something , they added lvl to summoners pets but they still useless so cant see any benefits apart summons wont miss to mobs anymore.. 

Going back to topic clearly visible you are yull (correct me if i'm wrong), it was nice when "you" yull players had 3 years with insane dmg compared to other classes in pve/pvp,


Lets comment on your benefit list:


Only Classes to truly benefit from this update are:
Eviscerator, Tyrr, Feoh)

Feoh: Well I have feoh cant feel any benefits from update , damage increased by 1k-3k per skill since skill lvl increased(dont forget we have cd on skills not as fancy as yull we dont have damage in between our skills, once our skills are down 2 seconds we are standing like "bad word" and waiting when makro loop begins again) mobs hit harder so mana barier is useless thing now as mob drain mana within seconds so no TOI or IOS possible with feoh(unless you are overgeared) so feoh does not benefit from this update.

Tyrr: About Tyrr yes I agree Tyrr Titans have they time to shine now like yulls had theirs, I have tyrr titan both have similar gear would even say feoh has a bit more gear than titan , if compare exp and adena gain per hour titan does x3 more than feoh with less gear on him..

Eviscecator: Well had my time to play with it before update and after update (after rerolled to tyrr titan now you know we have "tyrr meta" now like in LOL slogan people would say) its a beast nothing I can say had some pvp also with it was fun when u hitting with 1hp for few seconds but on pve view its fast but not that fast as tyrr is, single target is single target , while evi kills 4x mobs you kill whole group with  2 aoe skills with titan.


So overall yes titan is the beast now but

Other classes had they skills increased also so we all are in same boat , 

Reroll to tyrr in a year you get used to it , and next time on libra we will have to reroll to summoners or othell to catch up with "meta"

Game changed to worse but you have to adapt, we all know @Juji gives us hard times , but that's his job if game wont change everyone reached to same progress in game and no sales/promo .

And again I will repeat myself , adapt to situation our moaning wont reach anyone , we chat chat in forum between our selves , our suggestions its just time waste as juji stated in his post that everything comes from other regions.


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On 3/13/2022 at 6:35 AM, jimakos said:

Summoner had a benefit ???

Are you smoking something ?

summoner is very good at dropping the field raid boss shield and the sword boxes at zariche/akamanah fights.


after that, ehhh not much.



unfortunately, this well written post will remain just that, a well written post with good ideas.  most of this can be fixed if we follow the pay model and free event model of dec/jan/feb.  even these eva boxes appear to be giving some higher items like wings 4 and shiny enchants.


we have to see what happens with next 2-3 events before doom and gloom is on us.

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On 4/7/2022 at 5:09 AM, Rotten said:

@AshesOfAdenI am not a Yul.. i am Othell.. much worse off than Yul.
There is nobody that will trade stg 2 daggers for same slasher. i am stuck thx to dev's where i am

True 1 on 1 trade won't happen in your case ,as slashers now are same as bow's used to be last year when everyone had yull and everyone needed a bow' so now server loaded with krishna bloody/limited bows , glad that we have libra so we could swap these bow for suitable weapon to suite current game situation.

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