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Farming 1B+ Adena daily :) super update

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Looking for adena? Not equipped with 5+T/10+T of gear to farm effectively? making less than 50kk/day? 

Your prayers have been answered with this update!  😜


Play with 1 client (your main)

Make mentee with 2 clients, with current event Pandari (full VP, free rose), free blessed exalted gear, you can level 1 - 105 in less than a day without using any adena

Each mentee get 100k mentee mark and Exchange them for isle of soul stone (50k mentee mark), each stone can sell easy 250+kk  or more 🤣

some little effort required to reach 1-99, then it is fully afk 99-105

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is blazing swamp filled with afk toons yet?


if not, we probably drove all those f2p farmers off to a new game when they gutted the mentee system 2 updates ago.




these are nice changes to the mentee store tho, def worth doing now.

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19 hours ago, extase1987 said:

The fact that server are not heavy should give you an idea that people are not spending time making that many toon.

maybe they have increased server capaXAAXAXAXAXA

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