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Permanent Assist to %party1


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On 3/26/2022 at 6:21 PM, Kale said:

Hi, a New Button in the AutoHunting UI that makes a PERMANENT "/target %party1 /assist"

A "Party Function" Button that can be changed on the go: (greyed out if you are solo) and the whole %party1 etc. doesn't matter... the main DD doesn't have to be the party leader(start party, or take leader etc.) the party leader could even just follow the party around (leacher)

option 1) primary Damage Dealer(if you die, DC or you opt out...  you become assist DD and system will replace you within 5 minutes)

option 2) assist Damage Dealer(include your ISS to get their debuffs)

option 3) leacher/follower (anyone who should keep back during battles, an ISS with no gear could buff you from a safe distance)

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