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Sigel Shillen Templar


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I play mine Shillien Templar +15STR on +12 Bloody Avenger with Death/Speed Death/Critical Damage 3rd Sa and +10% Critical Damage Augment passive and +15% Critical Damage active.The result is amazing if you consider that this stuck with rings/earrings and POM

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I was wondering does anyone test in offensive tank like sst or shk to build p. Skill rate/dmg? Because tanks spam skills all the time.. I dont know if worth because tank skills is mostly debuffs and not damage power skills but i want to khow if someone test it.. 


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On 3/29/2022 at 7:54 PM, IvanDragunov said:

stay on simple attack critical damage in my opinion.I tried the skill build but it does not worth.except your dual is tyrr as me.

Ivan, I'm DK main and I'm looking for a dual class to level up quickly at a decent level to then continue with my main.

My DK ofc is built for Skill Crit.rate/dmg and p.atk.

Do you think I should go with Shilien Knight as sub or it's better to switch to Tyrr (titan?dread?) and reuse the whole equip excep my DW blade (I'll go with a Krishna +12)?


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On 5/30/2022 at 11:09 PM, IvanDragunov said:

I am trying the same thing!I am pretty sure that it will work for pve.We will be in contact to exchange impressions 

How was your test? Would you like to share any results? 
(which server are you playing in?)

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Best offensive tank setup is simple critical damage and p atk.

+27% p atk

+5% critical damage

-4% Skill Reuse and elemental attack and def.

I also use +14 Limited Cutter +20% Critical Damage Augment and Death lvl8 / Speed Death lvl8 and 3rd SA +7% Critical damage.

Results are awesome.

I am playing in CHRONOS,feel free to pm me in game :)

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