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Change of Dethrone time

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With the latest time changes the time on Naia is kinda messed up since all is delayed by another hour.

Bad for Oly, CoC, but can be done.


Just what really sucks is the Swamp of Screams and especially Dethrone time now.

It starts at midnight till 01.00 AM for Swamp and Dethrone from midnight itll 5 AM.

None  on earth can play at this time sitting all the time behind the pc. This lead to the fact that Chronos is getting even more control of Dethrone than before.

Also in the pvp zone areas as Naia player you get killed like every Dethrone run since they know you or some of the party are at a certain point not at the pc anymore which leads to the party to go down.


@Juji you should consider changing the dethrone times. Dethrone simply not working with 2 timezones that are so far away to each other


Wonder what the thoughts of the rest of the players in here is

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