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PvP Just a curious question..


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After the update, on a scale of 1 to 10.

What character will pvp the best. Categories are 1v1 and group, 7+ v 7+ and Overall.. 

All with SAME lvl of gear. I.E. All have equal gear.. 

I'm curious what people think on this.

  • Feoh Wizard
  • Yul Archer
  • Othell Rogue


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which update are you talking about here ? Orfen or Fafurion ?

regardless dagger is #3 on both, the real question is what skill nerf version will the archers (and daggers) get in Orfen - will make a huge difference if it's 1000% -> 400% (Innova) or 100% (Korea) - pending on that Mages will be strongest in Orfen

Fafurion I would say Archers get back to #1 for sure due to their lvl110 skills like Instinct lvl2 etc.



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