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L2 problems


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Hi everyone.

I wanted to give this list early, but I had other things to do.

Below I will touch on the problems of Lineage 2 that I see and how I see them. As you see them, you can write in the comments.


01. Decrease the number of skills


As a person who plays on almost all classes (excluding daggers and summoners) I can confidently say that the number of skills that we have is excessive.

For TVT each DD use a maximum 4 of attacking skills, for PVP he add another 2-3 skills of control like knockdown/stun/yoke/etc. One row is enough to place them all and we will still have 5-6 cells (ha! for future skills). (I saw someone of developers already understand this and we have only one row in controller mode.) In addition, most of skills do not differ in any way.




Developers worked out well with the chanters. BUT the dissonance wave must work also in PVP.


With the tanks all is not so good. Separate the raising of the shield against physicists and magicians is complete nonsense especially if you need to spam your skills trying to debuff and keep aggressive on yourself. We have only one shield, right? But don't hear me and make more skills for each type of monsters.


Many types of toggles such Superior Inquisition, Frantic Healing, Lakcis Disc, Aeore Force, Dual class HP ( why this is toggle????), etc. You should revise efficiency and mana consumption of them in PVE .

Tree of Life should cast a debuff canceling blessing. But looks like that works not good on hight levels.

Healers have 4 useless nukes but Spirit of Light can not even to make Counter Critical on mid-boosted character. May be it's time to upgrade Lumi?

One more thing concerns not Cardinals only, but all forgotten 10-min-cooldown skills.

Cooldown of Miraculous Benediction should be decreased.


Imbalanced as class and also not differentiated by skill types.

Mana shield should have less mana consumption but using it causing penalty on themselves in PVP.


Destroyers - PVE-damage, Gladiators - PVP-damage, Doombringers - TVT/PVE(AOE)-stun, Dreadnoughts-PVE-stun where mages can not, Maestro - mostly boxes for crafting, Why do we need Grand Khavatari? Why the Orcs are weaker than the Ertheia?


I know that some of another localisators fixed the bow mastery skills because of the fact that on 108 you can get zero reuse delay for skills. Archers haven't so efficient control skills as mages( no need to remind me about traps). Please do not touch that because for tops nothing will change, and for beginners and average levels it is the same as throw sand in the wheels. Any time you wanna fix something, please start from highest levels to lowest.

It's like old pumping of tanks on the reflects. Those who came earlier pumped, and those who later have to suffer because the rules have changed.


They have add one more control in the Fafurion update and a dump of control. Keep in mind that before do something with archers.



Decrease the number of skills and compensate for this by reducing the cooldown between each use.


02. Damage reduction.

It is clear that this is done to buy consumables, But it does not work. It works just the opposite. High-level characters (and their boxes) farm low-level locations: they receive the whole drop from the location, and do not allow the weaker players to progress. Players which makes parties looking for people two levels higher than instance zone was designed.



Set a penalty for drop when the level of the player is above the monster more than 2 levels.

Remove the damage penalty for monsters within 5 levels.

Let hight-level players hunt hight-level content and low-level players be able to hunt in variable locations.


03. Adena drop amount.


Killing monsters in the classic, even if the level grows slowly, you see progress in adena. In addition to the slow pumping, we have also a terrible grind in the main version.

Increasing the amount of adena drop will reduce its cost in relation to the dollar.

But if we will use bought runes for drop, currency rate will not lower down.

With an adequate ratio of the cost of runes to the resulting loot and the time, the people will buy them.

At inflated cost and lack of adena drop, they are not needed by anyone.

Pros for increasing the adena in the game:

1) Many things have a fixed gaming value in adena. (Do not forget this next time when you will waste out NCs in game store.) Give live players chance to spend money and get adena.

2) More adena - more liquid and dynamical market.(More earned money also)

3) Killing the black market(real money) and gray market(gifting). Adena is too valuable, because you either buy it for dollars (selling gifts, etc.), or long and tediously farm out of the mobs. But why it can not become valuable because it will be also converting of real money without any third-parties?



Smart balancing of the adena drop: at levels higher than it should fall more.

The rune must pay for itself for 3 hours of prime * 7days = 21 hours of killing monsters.

During this time a person should have the opportunity to convert spent NCs into adena, without any sales of gifts.

When the farm is more than three hours a day, the rune's efficiency should decrease by two (or N) times. This will not allow bots to produce adena cheaply, but it will be acceptable for most players.


Differentiation of runes by cost and level is necessary for two reasons.

The first

If adena will be more at high levels, then this will stimulate the growth of characters. There will be less sense in farming in low-level locations.

The second

The higher the level of the character, the more expensive the runes should be. This is necessary so that their payback at a high level does not soar up sharply, but is in a linear relationship.


People should receive adequate compensation for the time spent.

If you can not buy anything and therefore do not participate in PVP and do PVE slowly. Will you then play? Will you then pay? Think about it.


04. Item mall.

It requires revision. For example, I want to buy a rare pack, but why I should buy also trash with this?

Is it difficult to add to rare pack a talisman of seven seals for 30 days? He is already a de facto part of the game balance.

When will you already do the revision of the game store? Do not you see that huge prices on the contrary reduce profits, reduce online.

You fill your pocket only through marketing. You do not have any well thought out economic model. This was clearly seen on the sale of limited packs of stones in front of merge. There are much more than half left.

People do not feel satisfied and sooner or later they will go where the developers are not so greedy and brainless. You literally rob your community. No wonder that people are leaving.

Free advice (which no one estimates therefore):

If you sold a certain percentage of the planned budget, then the next time the value of the sold should be multiplied by this figure. Roughly speaking, it works just like this.


05. Stupid events.

We have either loot boxes (brooches, raincoats, diadems), kompu gacha (dragons weapons introduction), or gambling in pure form (tarot). With each new event interest is falling down more and more.


Can you focus not only on your pockets, but on making game more fun?

It for sure will give more profit.


06. Free to Play to Hybrid Payment System.


At this moment we have very bad trending in main L2. Pay to win already became Pay A LOT to Win. This is really bad conception. 

Games became more casual, but the threshold of entering Lineage 2 is growing.       

Let's imagine a server (quite real, just interest can vary a little), which has 4 types of players:

1) 5% - top donators / farmers - their ratio in the sides directly affects the policy on the server.
2) 10% - hardcore players with a boost above average with average spending
3) 15% - players who play casually from time to time and sometimes buy something.
4) 70% - the rest of the players who, through a lot of enchantments, are trying to make some money on Zaken\Freya, other places where at least something drop.

Why do you refuse the money of new players who are in the 4th group, for the sake of old people, who sooner or later will leave when they are not be able/wanted to pay huge money for a project/product that is not competitive in the world market.

When will you already learn how to monetize games at the cost of consumables that players need and are worth their money?

Make the average sale receipt less, but make more of these receipts.


07. Balance of character levels.

I will not even compare 99 and 85, 105 and 99. In both cases, the gap is huge. What can we say about beginners.
Imagine a newbie. A rich newbie, of course. He comes to the game and wants to buy equipment. What does he have to do for this?
There are several ways:

  1. The Player(NUB) buys for the dollars the adena or the equip of the Player(TOP).
  2. The Player(NUB) buys gifts for the NCs and sells them for Aden to the Player(TOP).

Next, he buys event loot boxes to at least somehow get to the level of the Player(TOP)'s artifacts.

But at 99 level he will understand that spent $2-3-5 thousand, but he can not (!!!) kill effectively monsters, which are higher than him at 2-3 levels (!!!).

And he is forced again to pay the Player(TOP) also for the power leveling.
And this I still do not say that he needs a lot of consumables from the store for this pumping.
The question arises: why does a healthy adequate person will do this? For the sake of PVP? So it's dead in L2. For the sake of TVT? So it dies (on servers NC West for sure).


Change damage formulas.


08. PVP system.


Without taking into account the social component, let's remember why we came to L2. That's right, PVP. Battles with other players is a key element of online games. Killing of the NPCs in principle does not give the same feelings. But in our hard time, PVP is provided only top spenders or those who have played for a very long time and systematically.

I heard in Korea will introduce bloody servers. In my opinion, that is a failed idea. If all the items will be expensive there, no one of the old players will go there. If there will be cheaper, then why people will remain on main servers?

When will you start selling PVP consumables in the store?

People spend a very long time 9/10 on pumping and getting resources. If you reduce this quantity by adding PVP content to 7/10, it will be a victory. Is it difficult to pay all the participants of the festival of chaos with pouches with a random reward, and not just the winners? The difference IMO should only be in the number of pouches, depending on the number of kills. Add also prizes for participation.



The competitive match making and the basic equipment like Paulina's R99 sets should be available in a store.


09. Fight against bots.


I'm sure that no one just wants anything to do, because solution is very simple.

We just need more locations like upper Garden of Genesis with traps or Orbis with curses. Traps and curses do not allow bots to be there. In contrast to the top, the bottom is an ideal location for bots. There's almost no experience, but rich drop.

GOG was an excellent location. It is a pity that now there are only bots.



10. Location design.

Garden of Genesis:


Below: there must be a lot of experience, a bit of drop. A location for solo players.

Above: there must be a lot of experience, a lot of drop. A location for groups.


Orbis temple:


A lot of experience, a lot of drop. A location of group hunting. Party 3-4, 5-7 people depending on the floor.

ATM nobody gain experience in the Orbis because we have Pagan temple.


Blazing Swamps:


As well as now. You need to add more experience. 97th characters do bad damage due to damage penalties.




Increase experience


Atelia Fortress:


Everything is OK. But keep in mind that we have Embryo followers there. We'll be back to this in Bugs.


Shadow of Mother Tree:

What a stupid location with insects. Where are they from there? What prevented to remake Bee Hive in the town of Dion for this?

All models are old garbage also.


Atelia Refinery:

Simplified location, which originates from the corridors, and in no way resembles a factory. That is, the new content is slightly more than zero (useless boss does not count).


11. Improve UI/UX.


We still haven't any tabs in warehouse, good-working search in AH and inventory also. Whenever sorting in inventory and WH is pure evil.

By the way, I want to mention the button of the game store. Determine the place by default in the lower right corner, and not at the center of the screen. Really annoying to move it each time.

All of these things is UI/UX. He was cool in 2000s, now - is nothing.

What do u think?


12. The exterior of L2.

The appearance of all objects becomes more and more cartoonish. (Honestly, most of them are shit.) Because of this kind of crap, the game loses its shapes, dark setting, etc. Average age of the audience of official servers 25+. Come on, may be it is time to make decision for whom you make this game: for kids, who can not pay a lot, or for oldfags, who can pay?


About me, when instead of the cloaks will be introduced wings in the main version of the game (and not only in the moba that is being tested), I'll throw that shit. On the freeshards it has already been introduced for a long time and that's why I do not play there.


It seems to me that the developers are now thinking more about what would be in the item mall in the next time, than about the game. This is a bad sign.


13. Dragons.

Due to the fact that the creation of guns of dragons need 50 claws, the raid boss does not represent value for 99% of the clan people.

In addition, one pack is enough to kill dragon.

So why not make more instances (similar to instanced Valakas). At least one lucky man from the raid could get the claw out of the pouch. You need to think about this right now. And not in a year, when there will be chronicles of Fafurion.


14. Weapons of dragons.

You can not survive in the current update after critical hits. In theory, it should be so. But I think that in the game it is necessary to beat artifacts that amplify or weaken it from the opponents, give the opportunity to use skills such as the Tail of the dragon and so on.

Battles for the control of these artifacts (let's call their seals) should occur during sieges. Thus, the assault packs of the Executor type will not run to help their vassals, and they will have something to do and it will make sense to do so.


Suppose such towers (seals) will be seven: one near each castle. Clans holding seals during a siege can affect the power of dragon weapons. Three seals will increase damage by 5% (in the amount of 15% or with a bonus for all three - 20%), three decrease the damage from dragon weapons by 5% (in the amount of 15% or with a bonus for all three - 20%), the last the seventh seal makes it possible to activate the use of dragon weapon skills. I'm sure the sieges will be much more interesting. Clans will have to conclude new alliances and think strategically.


15. Reduce drop from PK.

How terrible is the PK?

What the player has against the PK.

1) The PK is always at risk.

2) Each player has the opportunity to teleport the PK with a scroll.

3) Nubs have a coin against the PK.

What is the PK against an ordinary player.

1) The PK is always at risk.

2) PK can kill a maximum of 3x, without loss.

3) The PK spends the scrolls to reset the counter.

That means that ordinary players do not have any reasons to become a PK, but this option would be useful when cleaning out locations from bots or macros.



Return at least the opportunity to kill 5 people without loss, as in the good old days ...

And, ideally, the PK's drop rate should be in the dependency from kills, and its amount from karma.

As a way, PKs will drop part of adena in inventory, if not enough, than equipments.

Yes, one more related to karma. Cursed swords should fall more often. They somehow diversify the life of the server.

I would also add one feature. PK, which tries to purify itself at the expense of mobs, have more chances of swords falling down (perhaps depends on karma).


16. Clan system.

Developers killed small clans. People immediately join in big ones, because it's better to earn ranking there from start. How to grow smaller clans then? This leads to a decrease in the number of clans and their enlargement. But for new clans and players, there is no choice but to join existing ones. But the fewer sides the worse. Because there are fewer migrations of forts and castles. And eventually the server turns into a swamp.



Reducing the number of points needed to growing the clan, at least to the level at which all goods from the store will be available.


17. Transformations and pets upgrade.

We have such of content, but it has no significance in the current reality. And it would be wonderful, as in the old days, to take a chanter and go hunt with a wolf.


All the transformations, including the battle form of Kamaels, are now just decoration. Such transformations as Ixion and other class ones has been thrown into garbage.

(No need to tell me about Reliquary of the Giant.)


18. Some bugs.


1) Bug with Kingdom's Royal Guard Talisman.

In Atelia fortress all monsters are Embryo. When Talisman equipped, damage received from Embryo should be -X%, P. Atk. against Embryo +Y%.

But this does not work.



2) The bug during the transformation: when using the transformation scroll, the luck should increase by 2. It does not work on NCWest servers.

(Look at luck before and after transform.)

NC West:


Another localizer:



Well, I've been writing this for a long hours, so you can give me something for caring about your future. For example, I would like to get +10 set of any kind.

It's a joke. I do not believe in such generosity from your side.




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You have put a lot of effort into writing but not too much effort to think about the things you write about. You don't understand many concepts in game and in business as well. Everything affects everything. You can't just change things as you like.
L2 is complex. It takes a lot of practice and time to understand and master it. Play something else if you can't handle it.
P.S. Don't you dare to touch my healer nukes and toggles, they are all equally important!

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48 minutes ago, Alexiel said:

You have put a lot of effort into writing but not too much effort to think about the things you write about. You don't understand many concepts in game and in business as well. Everything affects everything. You can't just change things as you like.
L2 is complex. It takes a lot of practice and time to understand and master it. Play something else if you can't handle it.
P.S. Don't you dare to touch my healer nukes and toggles, they are all equally important!

Dude, can you show your panel? I am 99% sure, if you are pvp player, you have not such skills as Fairy's touch on that or it is not one of your hotkeys at least. With aquamarine and boost of hp in future (by dragon weapons) nobody will interested to be healed by 0.5% of hp bar. Ok, continue to think that the healers do not need a reorganization. Don't belive me, but in future they will add more "new" skills. Let take a look where you will put them.

About L2 concept: 

Where did I say it is simple? 

I just said that should be rebuilded or NCWest, as localizer, will find themselves in trash bucket in future.

You was saying about "hidden" complex concept (here I was laughing a lot). Can you describe what do you meant? Please, open my eyes (or your own).

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