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Hi all , before update my archer was making good dmg now exalted chars make more dmg then my archer whit artifacts bloody wepon talismans arguments he is just 0 dmg. i saw that skill dosnt land like b4 on 5 skills 3 not land what is this nerf dunno or p skill cr rate is nerfed .. 

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Welcome to the topic Skils dont land :D  how  is to play like tis  ? fun  Othell, summoner , iss ,  ar class non-playable with medium ar low gear and   you start to doubt what's going on.

The mobs hit harder BUY  Tersi`s soul Crystal box and put  6-5 slots on armor at- least lvl 5  its not like  some many ppl said  we need partys . its not made for partys its made to buy :D  skils dont land  dont wory  event its coming up so u can buy  stuff for upgrade u gear so your skils  will land on  MOBS.

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