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18th Anniversary Coupon Code (Classic)


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To receive the 18th Anniversary Coupon Code, please apply the following serial code below in the "Apply a Code" section on your NCSOFT My Account page: 


The serial code can be claimed immediately and the code itself will expire on May 11 (one week before the events conclude!), so be sure to apply it to your account before the expiration date. Sweet Grace Cookies will be deleted on May 18 and Golden/Dragon Lv. 3 Consumables will be deleted on May 25. 

The code can only be applied once per account. Please select the correct server and character, so the items can be delivered via the Dimensional Merchant. 



Golden Fruit Buff Lv. 3 (500x) 

Dragon Special Elixir Lv. 3 (500x) 

Sweet Grace Cookie (1000x) 

Soulshot Ticket (2000x) 

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