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Freya Art of Seduction - AKA Rose for Hero Coin

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Ok, lets talk this out.  Less than six months ago, Rose, Honey Dark Beers, and Dragon Pots were all removed from the Mentee shop.  So now you add them into the L2Store for HERO coin.


Rose was 5k Mentee Coins. 😮 

You could spend 10 HERO coin to get a Enchant Scroll: Atlas Earring, Trade it in at the Mentee Manager for 50,000 Mentee Coins and get 10 Roses...

So the new logic is to remove them from the Mentee Shop where you could get 10 for the price of 10 Hero Coin to then add them into the L2Store for 10 Hero coin that only gets you ONE Rose.

Could someone please pass the lube.


Lets not talk about the 3k NC coin for 48 Roses and other items that you could farm out yourself in 6 days doing the 120 Castilla.  Glad I'm not looking to spend $40 bucks on something I could get for free.



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im with Voo and Lucky on this! Petition to remove these trash / overpriced boosts and add valiant and deton purple potion for hero coin. Logic: the people that spend money on their toon to have a copius amount of hero coin to spend, they would need valiant and deton because they most likely pvp/ go to seige. 😛 just a thought, tired for paying 1-2b each every other weekend.

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The hero coin store update is comical. They should have left it as it was, and I wouldn't be as upset about it.


They updated the obsolete store with new, obsolete items.


And the blue/red stone costs at 15 Hero coin each?? Wtf.... Have the devs even opened the collection book and looked at the requirements? These should be 1 hero coin max. 



Ncwest claims to look at our market values for items before making promo prices, yet they artificially inflate the market by starving us of items for months in end. No eihnassad store. Then, you set store prices based on these inflated prices. 


I'm tired of people quitting. The imbalance in pvp. The total lack of features our region gets. The absolute price gouging in events. Get a clue about the economies you service and the average income of your player base.

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I definitely agree that the pricing of items that you can buy with Hero coins needs to be reconsidered. The logic doesn't quite work, especially since the "cost" of reward items are already built into the prices for the items in the regular store. In effect, the rewards items have already been paid for and should be steeply discounted accordingly. At least that's how every other real-world rewards and loyalty program that I belong to works. 

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My sugestion:

Rune stone - 2 Hero Coin
Elcyum - 10 Hero Coin
Crystal of Protection - 1 Hero Coin
Crystal of Determination - 1 Hero Coin
Rose - 1 Hero Coin
All Apps - 100 Hero Coin
Bless Valakas/Bless antharas/Lindivior - 40 Hero Coin
Maphr' Lucky pot - 3 Hero Coin

Remove old obsolete itens...
Add new itens like Greater Rune stone, Weapon augments, Gran kain scrolls for enchant Armors and Weapons like Heavenly scrolls 😛

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