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Event Raid Orc BUG

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Twice so far the boss died like someone had one shoted it.Twice in a row at the afternoon appearance of the boss.I ve been there the past few days when it appears and usually for chronos takes about 30+ minutes to kill it but since yesterday the boss died after it anounces the first name that suppose is the one doing the highest damage at the moment ( or at about that time ) and is dead in under 10m ( i might be sayng even a lot ) .As far as the winners yeah is true that the majotity of weapons have been won by the same people over and over again (same toon or alt of that person ).Is a good thing u can only win once per day but still that doesnt stop the already "winners" to try again and again to get as many rewards as possible.Dunno if in Korea the winners are always the same but i think here a name winner restriction should have been applied so the same person wouldnt be able to win again or even a random reward among the people that hit and are the spot at the time 

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I like the idea of the reward being more random, but it should still require a person to get a certain number of hits in before they're eligible to win the reward. It's obviously too late to change the game mechanics of it now, but maybe next time they can change it?

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Servers are starving with lack of items so people look for ways to cheat, 
at least them cheaters flooding market with items , as NCsoft can't :D 

I do not go to these type of events as it is a time waste to help someone win , once few times i did went when rewards were enchants for temporary event wings and everyone was getting these.

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