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Crafting ( upgrade r110 wep - enchanter- bloody)

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I got a good price  for + 12 clean  R110 weapon  30bilion on Chronos, so I thought the total price to make it bloody 65 bil  and in total 95 bil and after i sow on the market 75 -85 bil   + 3 SA  same weapon, mine dont have no SA on it.

What  is tis joke with Elcyum (tis material its hard to get ) I pay duble the price of my original price of wep  to get to bloody.

For  new players like me!  take care that there are some things that have no logic  and u can make very big mistakes. 

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The price for upgrading from base to Enchanted to Bloody/Dark to Limited has always been expensive. Even if you look at just the adena and R gemstone costs of these upgrades relative to what a person earns from normal drops by hunting, it's crazy.

The best time to make these weapons is during events. For example, the person that sold that +12 Krishna to you probably made it for practically free, because there was an event that rewarded free HEWR rather easily. (And @Juji I would love it if you brought that event back.)  There were other events where Bloody and Dark stones and other materials were pretty common drops as well. Even though there was an NCoin cost and gamble attached, the market was so flooded with these items that prices dropped to make upgrading less painful than usual. 

My suggestion is to simply buy a +12 Bloody weapon from other players. You can usually negotiate a better deal than what it would actually cost to make it.

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The Dragon Weapon event back in January depleted whatever (low) stockpiles of Elcyum existed in the servers. And Elcuym is generally hard to generate. You have to fish for it, and the only efficient way to do it is to fish with fancy rods., without a fancy rod fishing for 1 elcuym takes about 8-10 days of 24/7 sitting there doing nothing. So it's expensive.

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