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Constant Title Changing


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Hi, returned to L2 a few days ago & I see a new feature & I'm wondering how this is done. --> On Chronos sever there is a character, ( lNefertitil of Ashura clan) standing in Gludio advertising clan recruiting by means of the Title changing from " Lookin For Clan? " - " Lvl 11 Clan " - " Recruting 101+ " - " Interested? " - " Mail Me For Info " .   Been about an hour doing this that I've seen & think it's quite cool, also wondering why nobody else is doing this.

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Mostly is done by having a macro like the following;

/nick Looking for Clan

/delay 2 (in seconds)

/nick Lv 11 Clan

/delay 2

/nick Recruiting 101+

/delay 2


/delay 2

/nick Mail me for info.

As soon as you make this macro, you right click it and it starts the constant rotaion of titles.

You might as well skill the delay, or extend it.


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