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HELP lvl 85 Yul Moonlight Sentinel


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Before it expired you should get 95+ and need R95 weapon and armor. But it is "hard way" for newbie ( to get whole r95 equipment). Better buy one more paulina set from store ( via gifting for adena or by own money) and use this until 99.  95+ lvl -  you will buy r95 weapon of class, 99+ lvl - you will buy armor 99 and put there 120 of each attribute. U will continue to use paulina's jewelry set until got your own.

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On 8/19/2018 at 12:03 PM, skunkwork209z said:

Started playing couple a weeks ago and so far i got to lvl 85. I see Paulina gears has a time limits and wanted to know what gears is best to get or buy before it expired. Only time i play is during the weekend and just wanted people opinion on what to do at lvl 85

if in naia pm Anzeli :)


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