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NCSoft denies to restore item due to same IP - READ and TAKE CARE

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If you play with more than a player at home be aware that NCSoft can just decide that they wont restore an "eligible for restoration" item because they can accuse you of cheating.

On restoration rules found here: https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035810271 they tell us that: " Each NCSOFT account is granted 3 Lineage II restoration tokens twice per calendar year (3 tokens on January 1st, and 3 tokens on July 1st). These tokens do not carry over. When you receive your new tokens, all unused tokens are removed from your account. Tokens can be used for any request falling into the below restoration categories."

But then, if u play with your wife, husband, flatmate, son or whoever lives with you, you have a chance of not getting your item restored, even having tokens for it on the account you failed enchanting.

It just happened to me. They haven't done it when my 2 other  toons broke A grade sigils in this period, but when my toon broke a flamming armor, they told me " YOU or an account related to this account have already restored an armor in this period". I enchanted the item on a 2 years old level 80 account. They allow us to log and buy NCoins in up to 10 accounts. Their rules say its account based.. but surprisingly they can decide to do whatever they want. Meanwhile players using third part programs are happily playing and even we got scripters in Giran server abusing AGAIN the same event, as the last time they released one with same mechanism. 

If NC will only allow only 1 restoration token by IP not account, is it hard to write it down on your Token-based Restoration Policy? 

I haven´t broken any rules and Im being punished and accused of such a thing. 

I feel totally disrespected as player by such a company and I´m writing here to may find some players support since from NC GMs we only get COPY and PASTE standard answers. 

This is very frustrating. 

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Its really disturbing seeing first hand for all these years how bad of a job this team does treating good and honest players and turning a blind eye for the obvious mess that is going on..
First of i dont see a reason why you just dont follow the rules you put on for us instead of confusing people and then rejecting restoration of a clearly eligible item.. i mean come on the item hasnt been even broken before . I understand if it was broken and trying to abuse the system but no... it was just on a support char at that time and following your guidelines it was supposed to be ok! Apparently we have to stop following your rules which you dont have the time to edit apparently even tho they are incorrect and we suffer the consequences.. maybe its better to really abuse so we know atleast why we are getting rejected.
Second .. what is this ? 
"The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to deny a restoration/resealing/transfer request, even if the item was eligible to be restored/resealed/transferred in the past."
you get a confirmation that its ok but then "ops i changed my mind.. better buy new gear" 
Better off removing the whole token system if this is there!
Come on guys , show some professionalism and respect to the few people that are left keeping your server alive , im tired of talking to templates , show us you care atleast a little for your loyal customers ... or atleast for this one person that you are ruining the game for. 

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i lost +18 othel focus behemoth in the same way.  1 restore per ip - 1 person per house - 1 person per pc - 1 person per OS - 1 person per my @$$,  brilliant ncsoft we TY!! 

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It is funny how item restoration is ip restricted, while participating with dozens of accounts simultaneously in a clicking event is not. It is even funnier that the first is not mentioned in the rules, while using third party software is supposedly strictly prohibited. 

You keep pushing real and active players away from the game. We don't ask to bend the rules for us, we ask that rules apply to all players. 

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What's even better is how they kept the restoration policy secret for so many years from most of the community. That means there were people using the restoration system secretly while the support team never made it public. That is a shady business practice...

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