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After the 22nd update tank setup Question.


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Im gonna start off with pdef/mdef. I dont run hp now so ill remain the same. I usually didnt have pow so it wont be too much of a change to me. But i was thinking of trying a gew different things with the dual class skills. So if u see me get 2 shot in the first few weeks lol, thats my excuse. I may try hp in my build further down the road though.

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Sub Skills

Subclass Certification - Defense (P.Def. / M.Def. +4%)

Subclass Certification - Speed (Atk./ Casting Spd. +4%)

Subclass Certification - Condition (HP/MP/CP +6%)

Dual Skills

Dual - Improved State (HP/MP/CP + 20%)

Dual - Light of Protection (Has a chance of P./ M. Def. +40% when attacked)

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Im running full pdef/mdef.

i get 130k with rose ( used to get 150k with cov, now we dont have it anymore).

while being a tank u must do whatever u can to keep targets agroed... so its easy to make a simple math like: ohh 20% hp/cp its better than 10% pdef/mdef. but when there are multiple targets hitting you those 10% def multiply exponentially and that 5-10k hp/cp wont make a difference at all. It also makes healers job easier since most healing skills are not hp % based.

In conclusion, when u reach high level with not so op gear u will have the necessary HP to be a good tank without focus on it. I only choose HP when i cannot go for pdef or mdef.

Not to mention u can run around with wizard harmony for better CD instead of knight.

My setup:


set dark +10

+4 dark blunt 3sa hp

15 men + 15 cha

brooch 5 slot with lv 3 jewels

sub skills > hp/def/atk speed

dual > Light protect + 3x pdef/mdef (9%)

aria con bracelet +4

+2 noble grace circlet

pvpve defense belt (better than monkey)

blessed antharas, tauti ring, frintezza soul, istina earring, trasken ring. (istina and trasken are good for mdef, since this is feoh meta)

Clan cloak ( yeah im poor) :D

I can easily tank any instance or 3 spots in elven with this setup.




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15 hours ago, Feedlee said:






Dont make fun of my dyes they arent random they were planned to be like this :P

the pic with 220k pdef is with raise shield + aegis + exp rose + light of protection (no valiant etc )

the 58k is with knights lvl2 + rose 


Hi , Can you share with us your gear? Amazing stats. Grtz..


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On 21.08.2018 at 10:39 PM, TenebrisFilia said:

Dual - Light of Protection (Has a chance of P./ M. Def. +40% when attacked)

Tested this not a long time against few monsters. Trigger shoot infrequently. 

What do you say?

Does it work another way against many mobs?

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