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Options when hp cap in tank


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Hello guys, 

I need ur opinion when one tank cap the hp what other options have to put in limited krisha cutter? Tanks usually choose hp, attack speed+hp but those can cap both in high lvls. 

So what options we have? 

Skill critical rate and skill critical dmg?In tanks and tyrrs i think is low chance and also not big damage if land in support class. 

P attack?  Help a bit the power of skills and nornal attacks 

P critical dmg?  With 500 critical rate and other items critical dmg boost is a safe option if use auto attack. 

Casting speed? 

Some tanks boost also casting speed but i am confused because i think casting speed is for magic skills and for quicker noblesse recast. So not sure if choose casting speed to make faster cubics or for other reasons. I really need ur explanation and ur opinion and tell me if i am wrong in something. 





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